[PAPER] Dismantling Yard Readiness Assessment for Indonesia’s Planned Offshore Structural Decommissioning: Case of MEI Handil Yard

Author[s]: Sari Amelia, Bisri Hasyim, Dega DamaraAditramulyadi, Ricky Lukman Tawekal, Eko Charnius Ilman, Farid Putra Bakti, I Made Wahyu Widyarsana, Muhammad Agus Kariem, Maulidiyah Pravi, Jessica Rikanti Tawekal, and Lurohman Mamin Masturi


In Indonesia, over 600 offshore oil and gas platforms have been erected, and over half of them will be removed in the next years. According to an earlier study, there is no Indonesian yard suited to execute onshore decommissioning operations, either in terms of permits or supporting infrastructure; thus, dismantling yard evaluation is required to receive and securely process decommissioned structures and equipment. The goal of this research is to create a set of recommendations for the yard owner in order to improve the yard’s readiness as an onshore decommissioning processing facility for the planned oil and gas offshore platform decommissioning project. In this study, a case study of PT Meindo Elang Indah Handil Yard was compared to a reference of well-established dismantling yard for decommissioning. The study began by identifying the possibility of onshore decommissioning work for the current yard facilities, notably the quay and other supporting facilities such as the dismantle yard and waste processing facilities. Following that, a yard modernization evaluation was carried out to establish the best location for turning the facilities into a decommissioning yard. The results show that the yard’s primary facilities are comparable to those of a well-established yard, as both can moor barges and large lift vessels with comparable quayside depth (HLV). The load-out capacity, however, is less than that of the reference yard. Because the Handil Yard serves as the shore-based location for offshore oil and gas services for surrounding installations, it offers temporary storage for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. The work area and placement of the yard’s waste management facilities are also determined.

Keywords: Decommissioning, Offshore Platform, Yard Assessment, Dismantling Yard

Paper published in International Journal of Research in Engineering and Science (IJRES) |ISSN (Online): 2320-9364, ISSN (Print): 2320-9356 www.ijres.org | Volume 10 Issue 12, December 2022, PP. 294-303

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