The great offshore decommissioning

Battered by sea and wind, and eventually destroyed by economics, much of Australia’s offshore oil and gas structures are coming down. The latest estimates from the Centre of Decommissioning Australia, an independent body focused on the challenge of aging infrastructure, put the value of the work in Australian waters at US$40 billion (AU$58.5 billion) in a massive long-term exercise that will stretch well into the next decade for existing infrastructure and probably beyond.

About 60 per cent of this activity will take place off the coast of Western Australia, and most of the rest in Bass Strait. For instance, after delivering energy for more than 50 years, Esso is in the process of dismantling up to 17 platforms and associated subsea facilities, pipelines and wells after years of planning.

News article on 20 December 2023 by Selwyn Parker from

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